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Estimate is a unique platform where you can do both - get your project done quickly and with high quality, and earn money by bringing new customers to the platform.

For Customer

Hire the best team of developers for your project and be sure that our Project Manager will lead it to success.

The main advantages to be with us
  • A quick search of the development team
  • Assistance with business analysis for your project
  • Performance and quality guarantee
  • Financial safety
  • Assistance with the choice of the proper technology

For Partner

Become our Business Partner by bringing Customers to our platform.

The main advantages to be with us
  • Passive income by bringing new Customers or Partners to the platform
  • An easy and transparent system of commission withdrawal
  • No need to have the technical knowledge to try yourself as IT Sales Manager
How to get profit

Share your personal link to register your partner


Wait until the partner’s project is completed


Get your commission from the project cost

frequently asked questions

We care about all our users and want our service to be clear and easy to use for you to get the best results. Here we’ve gathered the most common questions, check it out. Haven’t found the answer you are looking for? Contact us and we will assist.

What benefits do I get from the platform?

Estimate is a software development platform where customers can find developers for their digital projects and sales managers can find a development team for their customers. The main goal is to develop high-quality projects and to build reliable partnership with customers and independent sales managers.

With Estimate, you don't have to look for a development team, communicate with them struggling with complicated technical terminology and spend time controlling and monitoring project development. We will do that for you.

How to add a project?

Click a New project button in the header and add all the information you know about the upcoming project: name, short description of what is required, select project type, preferred technology, team, budget etc. You can also upload the necessary documentation or branding materials if you have. Then click the Add button.

If you have any doubts, you will be able to discuss it with your Project Manager once he is assigned.

Project has been created. What's next?

A Project Manager is assigned for each new project. He will analyze all the details and make a detailed estimate of the project. Then he will form a team and decompress the project into stages (milestones). Detailed information about the scope of each milestone is available at My Projects page after clicking the Progress button of the particular project. You can track the progress of your project development here as well.

The Project Manager will stay in touch with you and assist until the project is delivered.

What commission do I get from each line of my partners?

For the completed projects of the partners you’ve invited directly (i.e. your first line) you will get a 7% reward. For the projects of the second line you’ll receive a 2% bonus, and for the projects of the third line - a 1% bonus.

Can I get a refund in case I'm not satisfied with the work done?

If you are not satisfied with the work done, discuss it with your Project Manager, who will analyse and guarantee the scope to be delivered according to the agreed requirements.

What if I change my mind about project development?

In case when a project has been added but started yet, you can cancel it via Cancel button on the Project Detail page. You can also put all your cancelled projects to Archive via the Archive button.

To cancel an active project, please contact your Project Manager.

Do I have a guarantee of project delivery?

After adding a project and approving the scope of work with your assigned Project Manager, we sign a contract. We guarantee the delivery of your project on the agreed terms.

What should I do if my personal data has changed?

If your personal data has changed, you can reset your verification on the Verification page and add your new data to prove your identity.

Verification is carried out within 3 business days.

What do project statuses mean?

4 statuses are available for each project: created, in progress, done, canceled. The corresponding status is displayed on My Projects page.

Created - a new project added by you, which is waiting for an estimate and scope summary.

In progress - work on the project has already begun.

Done - the project is completed by mutual agreement of the parties.

Cancelled - the project has been canceled.

Archive section is used to put projects with Done and Cancelled status for better monitoring of your active projects.

The Canceled status cannot be changed. If the project has been canceled, but you still decide to develop it, you will need to add the new project again.

Milestones of the project have 5 statuses: New, In progress, Acceptance, Dispute, Done, which display the progress of the development accordingly. Each milestone also has financial status displayed - Unpaid (still due to payment), Pending (the proforma invoice has been raised by you and we are awaiting the payment to our bank account), Paid (payment has been successfully received).

What do I need to pass the verification?

To be verified, you must provide copies of your identity documents and proof of your registration address. These can be a passport, ID card, driver's license for identity verification, and document confirming the address for address verification. After providing all the required information, the verification process starts.

You must provide a high-quality scanned copy or photograph of the document. All pages of uploaded documents shall not be cropped, and all information must be clearly visible.

Important! The identity document must be valid for at least another 6 months after the date of verification.

After successful upload, we will check your documents within 3 business days and notify you about the result on your account mail.

If any document or information was rejected, we will provide you with the reason to pass verification again.

Can I change the details of a project when it has already started?

The approved and paid milestone of the project cannot be amended. If you need to make changes to the further scope of the project, you can discuss them with the Project Manager and the necessary requirements changes will be applied.

How do I check my earnings?

Your total available balance is displayed on your Dashboard, as well as on My Wallet page. After a certain milestone of a project is done, your commission is accrued, which you can see in your transaction history, as well as download invoice if needed.

How can I calculate my profit?

We cannot disclose the cost of each project of your partners, as this is confidential information and we take things very seriously. Although, you can find the information about the total number of your partners, their active projects by each line, and the commission percentage you’ll get after the project is done.

How to choose a team of developers?

Our main goal is to facilitate the project development for you. For this reason, leave the choice of the professional team and communication to us. Our Project Manager will take care of all technical issues through the whole project lifecycle. Just tell us what you want and we will take care of the rest.

What is Referral link and how can I use it?

You can find your personal referral link in the header or on your Dashboard. Share this link via your social media or in any other way by copying it, get your partners registered and get a commission for each delivered project brought by them. The commission percentage you can see on My Partners page by each line of partners accordingly.

What is milestone?

Milestone is an intermediate stage of the project development.

The development process is divided into milestones in order to minimize risks and make more often deliveries. Each milestone implies a specific scope of tasks that must be completed before the deadline. Milestone budget and slope depends on the business requirements and is always approved with a Customer.

What do the partners / project levels mean?

If you become an Estimate Business Partner, your partner structure is shown on Dashboard and My Partners page.

Partners are other users invited by you to the Estimate platform via your personal referral link.

Projects is the number of active projects brought by your partners to the platform.

It is a three-level structure of your partners, for which you receive your commission after the project milestones are completed and approved by the Customer.

What do I get from the partners levels?

A Business Partner gets an extra profit from each level of his partners.

The commission is the following:

Level One - 7% of each project

Level Two - 2% of each project

Level Three - 1% of each project

How is the partner structure built?

Share your personal referral link and get others to register on the platform. All those you invited directly are your first-line partners. If they invite others, the latter are your second-line partners. Your third-line partners are those invited by your second-line partners.

Why do I need identity verification? Can I skip it?

We comply with the principles of KYC and require our partners to take identity verification. Verification goals are to increase the level of protection when withdrawing funds from your balance. Verification allows us to make sure that you are exactly the person you claim to be.

All this is necessary to fully ensure the security of financial transactions of our customers and partners.

If you work with us as a Partner, the identity verification procedure is mandatory. Without verification, you will be able to continue working with us, but will not be able to withdraw funds from your balance.

To request a project development, identity verification is not required.

You can pass the verification here.

How long does it take to identity verification?

Verification is usually carried out within 3 working days, but we will do our best to complete it asap.

How can I replenish my balance?

You cannot replenish the balance.

To make the payment, you need to select the milestone you need to pay for and make the payment according to the proforma invoice sent to you email.

The balance is replenished by the accruals you get from the cost of your partners’ completed projects.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your funds if:

- your profile is verified

- your balance is over $50

Information about the balance a Withdraw button you can find on your Dashboard and My Wallet page.

Press the Withdraw button. Enter the amount, choose payment method, confirm with your password and security code and submit the withdrawal request.

How to track project progress?

You can do this on My projects page. Here is all the information: milestones, deadlines, progress and cost of each individual milestone and the project in total.

To see the details, just select the project you need and click the Progress button.

How to add a partner?

Everything is very simple. You have a block with your personal link on your Dashboard or a Share button in the header. Copy the link and send it to your future Partner for him to register.

Invite new partners with new projects to your structure to increase your income.

How can I pay for the project?

The project is divided into milestones - an intermediate stages of the development.

Milestones are available for payment on My Projects page in the project detail. Select the milestones you want to pay and click the Pay button. On the Payment page, add your billing address and confirm the payment. After that you will receive a proforma invoice to your email which is due to payment.

Important: We take your project very seriously, divide milestones into particular sequence of project lifecycle or your business priorities. Therefore, you cannot skip the milestones while payment order. If your priorities have been changed, notify your Project Manager and he will change the order of the milestones for you.

Why do I need Wallet?

Your Transaction History is available on the Wallet page. It allows you to monitor your balance and all financial transactions easily - withdrawal, commission, payment. You can download an invoice for each of the transaction types.

Also, here you can withdraw your funds accrued from your partner structure after getting KYC verification.

How is a development team selected for my project?

A Project Manager assigned to your project will review your business requirements with the assitance of our Chief Technical Officer. Depending on the type of the project and the best suitable technology for it, a qualified team is selected for the software development. The amount of members in the team will be defined depending on the terms within project shall be completed and your preferrable budget. A quality of the services delivered is our top priority, therefore we will develop your project with our team members who were carefully selected for the job.

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